Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Everyone who knows me knows that I'd rather have something old as to something new any day! I've long wanted an antique secretary to use as my "office." I like things neat and tucked away and it would be perfect to hide my laptop and all office supplies while being all cute and pretty. Also, you can put a secretary in any room and make a beautiful statement moreso than a desk in your kitchen or living room. As of now we have a dedicated office space in our home but that may not always be the case.
I've recently stumbled upon this beauty:
Oh how I want to love it, hug it, and call it George! I'd even consider getting rid of the bed and just sleeping beneath it! Is it lovely or what? (Almost as lovely as my reflection you can see from taking the picture, har har!) The even lovelier part is that it's been marked down, twice, to a very affordable and reasonable price (considering it is an antique if excellent condition).
However affordable and reasonalbe are out the window when you stinkin' don't have a job.
Internet--I love this peice so much I'm nearly willing to sell my football season tickets for it. Now that is a big deal for a Southern girl! (I don't, however, think Hubs is willing to sell said tickets).
When I get a job the first thing I'm doing is driving straight to that antique store wrapping my arms around George, and giving him a piggy back ride home.
Until then I'll just drive by everyday and make sure he's still there.
Wait for me George! I love you!

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Kelley said...

I love it! Very cool!

Good luck with the job hunt, I feel you with that.

I'm the same way with sunglasses. It's even better when you wear a hat and sunglasses. Then you know no one can see you.