Friday, August 01, 2008


Did anyone else dream that they were held captive in a house by the Wicked Witch of the West and although they knew they'd be rescused because eventually a house would fall on the old hag it was still frustrating to be kept in there?

No one?




Creole Wisdom said...

You should go see "wicked."

No, I don't have dreams like that, but I often dream I have babies out of wedlock (which is funny, because I don't have s*x) so why I have unresolved anxiety about THAT one I do not know. LOL!

girl from the south said...

For starters, the Wizard of Oz is scary enough to give anyone wierd dreams. Actually, the flying monkeys give me nightmares.

While I haven't had a dream about the wicked witch, I do have extremely vivid dreams. I can remember colors, textures, tastes and details. And freaky odd stuff happens too.