Thursday, July 24, 2008


Apparently I'm a one woman show because I had "come to Jesus meetings" three times by noon today!

First: Little Brother. He's on the college prep path in school and in several honors classes. There is a State Scholars program that you are a member of upon completing certain courses. From the college prep path to State Scholars there is only one computer class to take. Little Brother said he wasn't taking it. Funny how he thought that now isn't it? I mean all the time he spends on crackspace he can probably pass the course with flying colors. Long story short after we "came to Jesus" he saw things my way. Love when that happens. Love it!

Second: Guidance Counselor. The poor souls at Podunk High School (the previous school) are idiots, bless their hearts! She couldn't seem to comprehend that I needed her to fax his records to New High School and I need a copy of his immunization record. Guidance Counselor insisted that I was going to have to visit Podunk High School in order to prove my guardianship and then she could fax the records. What ha-happened was I told her that I wasn't driving thirty miles past nowhere to Podunk High School, I'd fax the guardianship papers and she would fax Hubs the immunization records and New High School his scholastic records they sure as hell better be there when I arrive in the morning because as it stands the kid is only going to have art and PE classes anyway. Kthanks!

Third: Lady at the shop. I'd purchased a cute little t-shirt at a small shop a few weeks ago. It never made it out of the bag and I forgot about it. Given that I decided I really didn't need and would rather have that cash now that I'm not working anyway. The shirt was in the bag, with tags, original receipt, and I hadn't even tried it on. Lady at the shop insisted that there is a two week policy and I could have store credit. Um, the receipt didn't say anything about that, it wasn't posted anywhere and therefore I wasn't accepting that as an answer. But really, it's her policy and that's how it is. Customer's need to know the policy where they are shopping. Well peachy, don't worry about that because I won't be shopping here again now give my money back. I left with a full refund and a charming "thanks hun have a great day" on my way out.

I'm like a cobra. I get what I want or I squeeze until I do. And let me tell you dear Internet; doing so with grace, class, and charm are a bit taxing.

Luckily the guy in Sears didn't give me any lip about the return there I made for Hubs. Clearly I was out of all of the above.


Kas said...

Look at you go! haha

Mrs. L said...

Where are you when I need to do things like that? I take to much crap! I know what you can do for a new job... start an online course about taking NO CRAP! HA! Your too funny!

MeLissa said...

I think I need you to come give me some lessons on the cobra technique...

And may I just say how much I truly love that you're a Southern Belle? I have a touch of it, but not nearly enough. Oh, and I'm saying this because I just adore the Southern habit where it's perfectly fine to dis someone as long as it is preceded or followed by "bless his/her/their heart(s)." So lovely.

Enjoy your week!