Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mission Yoga Pants

I've been needing some new yoga pants for a while now. Since I just wear them around the house or to grocery or recycling center, I didn't want to spend much. Alas I am the Bargainista. I kept scouring the TarJay clearance rack but came up short all winter. Even though I wear them around the house, I'm picky. I don't like stripes on the sides, I don't like piping, I don't like pictures or writing on the hips or legs, and for the love of all that is good in this world I do not, repeat DO NOT want writing on my bum. Geesh people the last thing I need is for my arse to look like a billboard.

That said now I must go purchase new yoga pants. Must! Go! Purchase! New! Yoga! Pants! Money is currently not an object as I need these pants to work it! They need to make a dazzling first impression and say confident, smart, capable, motivated, driven, worthy, and rockstar! That, my friends, is a lot riding on a pair of yoga pants.

So I'm off. I need these to be on my body, meaning business, and doing their thing on Monday morning.

I'm off!

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