Thursday, February 07, 2008

Pack it up, pack it in

I'm super excited because tomorrow J and I are headed north to see Pie and Tart and of course their wonderful parents.

Last fall I found this great deal on two (not one, but two) Little Tikes climber/play thingys that I just had to get for Pie and Tart. They were in fabulous condition, pretty colors, and can be used together or alone. I knew they’d be perfect for the basement in the cold winter months (they get lots of snow) and also nice to put on the deck and in the back yard. The both of them were a whopping twenty dollars. Sadly, I think I forgot to mention them on The Bargainista, I’ll have to go back and do that.

So I bought on the spot (garage sale in my neighborhood) and went home to tell J of my fabulous find. He went back to pick them up with the utility trailer and rolled his eyes at the sight. Clearly, I wasn’t thinking about transportation. We took it all apart and stored it in our garden shed for the time being.

Fast forward til now, we are going to visit this weekend and for a dozen reasons do not want to take the utility trailer. Therefore, J needs to fit it all in the back of his SUV. Sunday afternoon we decided to give it a go. It was our only opportunity since it’s pretty much dark when he gets home and also we were both busy this week with school work, meetings, and an all-day seminar for me.

Of course Murphy showed up with rain as soon as we got started. That Murphy, what a jokester. We persevered. J managed to shove the whole thing in the back of his SUV (how I don't know but there was ample cursing and I think he may have slightly wondered why he married me and my bright ideas) but there are two slides that won't fit. Oh, and the spare tire (like that matters, right?). Also, not the back will not open as slamming it shut apparently jammed it a bit.

And it appears that there is not room for luggage so I just have to dress in layers. Now isn’t that efficient and resourceful? And also J said something along the lines of "getting an (expletive) granny in a rockin' chair for the (expletive) top of the car to make sure we look like a bunch of (expletive) hillbillies."

I don't think he really meant that.

He thought it would be a good idea to get one of those cargo hauler basket thingys that go on the back of an SUV. I think it’s silly. We’ll use it once and never again therefore it’s money and space wasted at the purchase and storage.

J: No, we need it for the granny in the rockin’ chair.
Me: Honey, I only have two slides and a spare tire, not a granny in a rockin’ chair.
J: That’s a lie. I’ve been to Florida and you do have a granny in a rockin’ chair.
J: And we’ll need it if she ever go anywhere with her because I won’t be able to stand her in the car.

He does have a point there.

However this week at lunch J was able to do a little extra maneuvering and fit the small slide in. Woot! We’re only left with the large slide and spare tire which can probably go on top. If you see a red SUV traveling north with a hot pink slide on the top….please honk at us!

(I'll give you pictures, I promise but I've not uploaded them yet.)

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destinationbeautiful (b-love) said...

I seriously need to see pictures. That's your whole job today. :) Oooh speaking of- I enjoyed your job post! It was interesting to see how you got to where you are!