Friday, February 01, 2008

The Ice Cream, a short one act play

Characters: J, Cupcake, Pooch
Setting: the master bathrooom, Cupcake just trying to take a shower in peace.

J: (accusingly) Cupcake, did you know that all the ice cream was gone?

Cupcake: (aghast) What? It is? The ice cream? (pausing). Pooch....did you eat the ice cream?

Pooch: ??? (silently saying: Hell no I didn't eat the ice cream. If I could open the freezer I'd go for the ribeye and pork chops, not the ice cream!)

Cupcake: D*$% mouse!

J: (rolls his eyes and walks away).


Kristen Miller said...

Haha. Very cute!

Anonymous said...

love it!