Tuesday, February 05, 2008

An extra four grand was just lying around.

What’s your favorite way to spend four grand? Here at the M house we were forced by the energy sucking older heat pump bound to die any minute like to buy heat pumps. I mean, we have so much money in our mattresses that after a while they start to get lumpy. We needed to unload four grand so we thought a heat pump would be a nice way to do it. Jealous are you? Hmph!

J is a bit tearful over the ordeal. We had good plans for that bonus money. While I hate that those plans will take a little longer to complete now, I’m not nearly as upset because 1) I don’t really have much to do with money issues in our house. I’m not a number cruncher and 2) to me it was money that we never really had. We were fairly certain he’d get a nice bonus and we had ideas of what to do with it but it isn’t money that we “needed” per se and it was spent no sooner than it arrived. On the bright side, we could have already spent the bonus and been (totally screwed) in a predicament, we could have had to pull money from our savings, we could have had to forego vacations this year, we could have had to (gasp!) use a blood sucking spawn of satan credit card.

So two questions for you, what has been your most painful, bring you to tears painful, purchase; and how would you like to spend four grand?


The Robbins Nest said...

ugh, we are waiting till we have the 4K to retro fit the house. So when the major one hits, our house doesn't slide into the street. Not at all what I had hoped to spend that type of money on.

Kas said...

Ugh That is so frustrating. I hate it when you know you will have extra money, but you are forced to spend it in a certain way..on something that is no fun! Last May we had enough money saved up for new living room furniture, then BOTH our cars broke. After shelling out $900 to get them back up and running, we just didn't have enough left over to get anything. We are still sitting on the same, crappy, ugly hand-me-down couches. *sigh* I know its good that we have the extra money to take care of such things, it is just frustrating thinking about what might have been!