Saturday, December 08, 2007

It appears I may be up to a pack a day

I have a cough.

A nasty, nasty, cough. No cold, not other symptoms, I feel fine, just a cough. j

I slept for about 2 hours on Friday night before waking up in a fit of horrible coughs. I coughed so hard I shot my mouth guard right out of my mouth. Gross, I know! J brought me more cough syrup but it was only the daytime kind. I continued to cough and toss and turn.

I was hot, I was cold, I coughed more. I tossed, I turned, I stuck my leg up perpendicular with a knee in J's side which he did not like and let me know by growling in his sleep. For the love of all that is good and cough medicine worthy why he couldn't balance himself to sleep on farthest most centimeter of the mattress for his loving wife who obviously needed prime real estate?

About 3am I thought about crawling into the bed (my oh-so-cozy little girl bed!) in my guest room so that I could lie sideways with limbs all spread out like a jack. However the bed was full of current projects for my shop and for Christmas and birthdays. No dice. The thought of giving it one heaping sweep to the floor did cross my mind.

I thought of going to J's guest room but that wouldn't be nearly as cozy and then I'd have to change the sheets to get it ready for guests again and well, I'm coughing and lazy.

I have a bladder the size of a mustard seed so I got up to tinkle at 4am and to throw back some more cough syrup. I decided to try and sleep on the sofa. Mackipoo was distraught by all late hours activity and wondered why I was bustling about before he had all his beauty sleep. He caught me in a moment of weakness as I lied on the sofa propped up on pillows with a cozy blankie and jumped up next to me and curled up on my tummy and went to sleep. I was too tired to care that there are no fur balls on my furniture/in my bed. I think I rested for a bit there before fits of coughing took over and Mack decided the rug was better.

More cough syrup, another trip to tinkle and back to bed at 6am hoping to fall asleep before it got light outside. Did I fall asleep? Of course I didn't. Good grief I have things to do, places to go, parties to attend, people to see, shopping to be had, and items to be finished and I didn't have time for this.

Finally at 7am I decided to make the most of my awake time and attempt to squeeze in a nap at some point. Finally by 9am I'd managed to make enough noise to rouse my husband so we began the day.

The nap didn't happen. I still coughed.

Please send wine. Or moonshine.

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