Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Coming Soon-Sephora

Last night J and I went to the mall and I was very excited to see the new storefront for Sephora, coming soon to MyTown. I was just shopping their website yesterday as well. I can't wait for it to arrive; no more shipping! I love philosophy products and I'm happy I can go in play in them all day long if I please. I just might ask if I can have a slumber party with them!

J and I had some interesting people-watching at the mall. I nearly enjoy the people-watching as much as the shopping. And of course this time of year makes people crazy so it was especially interesting.

I picked up a few last minute items for my little brother (14, ohmygosh he's 14!). It's quite hard to buy for a 14-year-old who has everything. His childhood is vastly different than mine. I think I made great choices though. It's hard to go wrong when purchasing any branded item from the popular teen stores, unless he already owns it of course.

That's another thing. Do you know how old and ridiculous I felt in those teenybopper stores? I wanted to wear a distinct sign "shopping for teen brother!" I didn't change after work, as to fit into the fashion show at the mall. However I'm pretty sure my dress, boots, and pashmina were distinct old lady attire in said stores. Hey--at least I wasn't the mom wearing the store branded (Aero) sweatsuit. I stiffled a chuckle.

Dear Wanna-be cool Moms,

The store is cool for your kids, but not for you. You look like an idiot and head-to-to light turquoise is definately not your color. Now grow up and head to The Gap where people your age shop. Shopping here will not make you younger. However some clothes in your size, eye cream, hair dye, and proper applied make-up just might make you appear that way.

Mrs. M

P.S. The fashion police are on to you, and they are far worse than I. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to head to Gap, Banana, and Ann Taylor where I feel a bit more at home.


Anonymous said...

ok, seriously... a mom wearing an Aero sweatsuit (i assume you mean Aeropostale?). i admit i do have clothes from there, but i don't wear them to work cuz' they're way too casual...but, they're jeans are absolutely my favorite jeans! i own 5 pairs! i do wear them to work on friday's. but, if i'm ever caught wearing an Aero sweatsuit when i'm older, hit me!

Platinum Rose said...

I love Sephora!

Kas said...

I am so jealous that you guys are getting a Sephora! I want one too! Maybe Santa will bring one for me since I've been good this year?? :P

girl from the south said...

Umm, I don't even think it's appropriate for a mom to shop at Gap. I don't even shop at Gap and I'm 26. Ann Taylor is there for a reason.