Thursday, December 13, 2007

Again, the epitome of grace

I fell in my driveway this morning. My boot seems unscathed (yea, my tall black boots are a winter staple), I skinned my knee (ouch, but I had antibacterial wipes in the car), and just found out (via call from J) that apparently I dropped my phone but thankfully didn't run over it. The worst part of all? I crushed my itty, bitty, miniature Butterfinger bar I was looking forward to eating in the car.

I'm nothing if not graceful.


Kristen Miller said...

You are hilarious! I am glad to hear that the mini Butterfinger was the only casualty though. Hope your day gets better. :)

Anonymous said...

thank godness the boots are unscathed! :0) i know how hard it is to find cute boots!! :0) cuz' i've been looking for like EVER & still can't find any!

but, seriously, glad you're okay!

destinationbeautiful (b-love) said...

What- the butterfinger was crushed?! That's so sad! In fact, that's the saddest part of the story!

Oh- I mean, aside from the skinned knee. ;) ha ha

Platinum Rose said...

I'm right there with you on being a klutz!