Thursday, October 18, 2007

Did you hear?

I'm fabulous! Oh and not just fabulous, but totally fabulous! Jenny said so, she wrote in on the Internet and you know what that means. If you read it on the Internet, it must be true.

Oh how I just adore Jenny. I've never "met" her but I feel like her long lost sister. As she noted, we could get in trouble; " lot of wine, a little cheese and a bunch of laughs – we’d be set for days!" This is true, so true.

Jenny is one of the sweetest, kindest, and most sincere and caring people I know. She's also witty, funny, down-to-earth, and oh-so-real. As if that's not enough she's the cutest thing ever with some gorgeous eyes and great, sexy, curly hair. Who wouldn't want to be friends with her? To be considered fabulous in her eyes is quite the honor.

Let's all raise our glasses to Jenny today for starting the Totally Fabulous awards. Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Man! I feel so left out! I want to be totally fabulous, too!

Everyone alway seems to get awards, but it's never me!!!

(Can I have some cheese to go with my whine, please? Oh, but hey, wine & cheese? We could have a party!)

JayJenny said...

Wow, what a compliment, now I'm blushing!! Thank you, you are way too kind!

It's a fabulous idea, although I can't claim that it's mine. I saw it on another blog and went to check out the source. I just had to spread the bloggy love!

Feel free to give out your own...

Kristen Miller said...

Well congrats on your award. We all knew you were fabulous but at least now it's official. we want to hear your picks.

brittny said...

I love it! You ARE fabulous. I come visit you like every day but you're never home. I even camped outside your house one time. I was the one with that weird purple lawn chair and umbrella hat.