Monday, September 24, 2007

Comfy and Inviting

After a few weeks of searching online and visiting every furniture store in our city, J was proud to bring home this:

A 100% leather (back off PETA!) chair and matching ottoman. This one is just the right color (dark brown), just the right size, the right decor (double stitched, slight nailhead accent), the right look (very tradtional and Ralph Laurenesque), the right plushness, and the right fit (in that corner as well as with the den furniture should we use it with that in future housing). Finally--he found the right one.

This now resides in the corner of our home office. We rearranged a bit after I sold my large Broyhill executive desk (J has another even larger executive desk in the room and it's an antique family heirloom. Also, I must tell you I bought my Broyhill desk at a garage sale for (you'll love this) $35 about 3 years ago. I sold it online for $120. Now that, my friends, is an ROI!) I think it looks rather nice! Ignore the picture sitting in the floor. We're still rearranging the walls after the office makeover.

My favorite thing about this new chair is that I can be all cozy in it reading a book this winter when J is in there studying. Finally, we can spend time together again as he does school work. It will also a be a nice place for him when he's just reading and not working on the computer. In the past he took books out to the den and read from the sofa. And you know what? That silly ol' TV came on every time. Can you believe that?

If you need me, I'll be curled up in the chair. I have just the right khaki chenille throw for it as soon as I monogram the big "M" on it.


JayJenny said...

That's a cuddly, warm chair for sure. Good purchase!

Kas said...

Very nice! Congrats on finding the right one. :)

.: BrandyBoo :. said...

I love it! I bet its comfy!

(¯'·.¸ Emmy♥Lou said...

Nice chair! Looks so warm and comfy.

Glad to be back on your list.. I have missed so much it looks like!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

You are the BEST shopper evah! Love the chair.

brittny said...

I want one! I want a big cushy leather couch too. Enjoy the chair for me. I'll be channeling it this weekend.

Swistle said...

*settling in on it*