Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Schmooze Me

J and I both work at rather large companies in our town. I say this because we're not exactly in a large town with a lot of corporate options. (I know I sometimes moan and complain about my job, but it's the job and the boss, not the company, the company is wonderful.) That said, there are a fair amount of nice perks and benefits that come our way.

For example, this week at my work, we were treated to massages. Ahh, the bliss!

And then, perhaps even better, last weekend J's division of his company (this is the division that makes them the money, sadly the whole company doesn't enjoy these kinds of perks) took us to see a game of our local minor league baseball team (owned by the Cubs). Not only that, we get sky box seats, complete with dinner (hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages, pulled pork barbecue, chicken tenders, different salads and sides, chips, etc.) and drinks (all you can drink beer included!). We even all have a big package of peanuts and cracker jacks in the seats. It's a pretty good time. J and I enjoy going to the games anyway. I love baseball pants. Wait, what?

Now the following part of the story is related, by not to schmoozing. I was going to tell this story anyway, but it became more significant when Zoe left a comment asking if I was at the game because she saw me and totally recognized me. What are the chances of that? She didn't want to be a scary stalker and quietly said my name (she knows the, gasp!, real name!) but too quietly for me to hear. It would have been fun to meet her though.

Now let me just say that I think Zoe lovely lady and not at all a stalker and I would love to meet her and it's too bad we weren't able to last weekend, but isn't is scary that we put so much of ourselves out there that we are recognizable? It was one of the reasons I went temporarily private to change some names and identities. There are several of you whom I think I could identify given the chance, Zoe included. It's too bad that I didn't see her so I could have ambushed her all stalker-like and begged her to be my new friend and hey- let's get manicures together, shall we? Funny because I've always wondered if I'd run into her around town. This is also a topic Swistle and I discussed over email last week--wonder if I'm in the presence of another blogger while being at Target?

I have made some "friends" through my blog who know lots of my personal information, but I don't want to share that with egads of unknown people. I will go back public eventually, but not until I feel my blog protects me, my family, and my friends. I used to have my real name, location, etc. here. I cringe to think that I could be somewhere and have a total stranger (pervert, psycho, etc.) recognize me and find me due to the amount of information and pictures I've posted. It's definitely something to think about.

(Oh, Zoe--I'll be at Kroger tonight! Come be my friend! I hate that I missed you!)


brittny said...

That is so much fun! Well- not the stalker thing- but the fact that it was just Zoe! How much fun!?! See!? You're a blog celeb.

Zoe D. said...

HAHAHA! Too funny!! You make a very good point though. What's funny is I work across the street from a Kroger!! DUN DUN DUNNNNNN!!! I could be good at this stalking thing I think. I probably should go private seeing as how I'm kind of a "public figure". If any of my listeners read my blog, I would die. Hmmm... Decision made, I'm going private:)

Swistle said...

I think of this kind of often! I mean, it seems statistically likely that some of us live near each other. I wondered, when I was in the hospital having Henry--wouldn't it be weird if one of my readers was a maternity nurse and was thinking as she went to work on May 31st, "Wouldn't it be weird if Swistle came to THIS hospital?," and then in comes a girl who is having her fifth baby, a boy...and has toddler twins...and has a 6-year-old and an 8-year-old....

I mean, wouldn't that be crazy? And that kind of thing could totally happen! I thought I saw someone I recognized the other day (it wasn't), but I wondered, if I DID recognize her, would I go up and say something? Or NOT?

Michelle said...

WOW. I'm sure that Zoe is fine, and not at all a stalker...but that is kind of scary. I don't know if you read Christina's (from the Nest) blog or not, but she had a really good reason for shutting her blog down. I have never wanted to go private myself, but I have decided to take down the photos of myself and my family (especially my son!) a few weeks ago. It's a shame that you can't be public and completely worry free. You're right though, something to think about. You never can be too careful.
*I hope that you and Zoe do meet and develop a wonderful friendship as well. How cool that you live near one another!

JayJenny said...

That's crazy! And so cool! Since she's not a stalker-type and all!