Monday, August 13, 2007

Review and Big Clearance

My swimsuit tops arrived in the mail on Saturday. Impressive shipping! They were both perfect. Great quality with some fancy-pancy "fx shaping system" to hold in the wobbly bits apparently. Works for me! The turquoise color matched perfect, which was a big concern. And although it was a plain tank style, the back has a huge scoop which makes it cute and the bold bottoms off-set it nicely. As a plus, both swimsuits have great lined with subtle padding that isn't a problem for large chests and also helps protect the girls in chilly water. I'm thrilled with myself, I could have barely bought one swimsuit for $32 (even at my fave store of Tar-jay!) and I have five! Rawk On!

And not for even bigger news: Kohl's is having mega clearance. As in tank tops for $2.80. Go! Now! No comments! Just Shop!

*Back this afternoon with regularly scheduled posts.

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JayJenny said...

OMG, I love Kohl's!