Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Found It!

Remember how I was looking for the two swimsuit tops? Well, I found them! I shopped Newport News and found the turquoise top (quite plain and not very exciting, but the bottoms I have are very fun with a bold tropical floral print, and one with tie sides and beaded paisley on the hips, so it should balance nicely.) and the black top that was looking for and surprisingly in stock. I've ordered from there before and it seems that items are often on extreme back order. It is also kind of an old lady's catalog on appearance, but it does have good swimwear for the twenties set. I especially enjoy the build your own bikini, which is the section I shopped.

Do you know what's even better? My rockin' good husband found coupon codes online so that I received 20% off (enter 521) and free shipping (enter L79). My $40 order went to $28. Awesome!

I know $28 doesn't appear to be the bargains I normally boast, but prepared to be amazed. I bought four swimsuit bottoms in May for (drum roll please!) one dollar each! They were all target brands that I purchased last spring at a non-branded, yet exclusive, Target outlet. Of the four bottoms, three match a black top (I have two, one that is decent if the straps hold up after I accidentally cut them off in the dryer and had to reattach and one that is semi on the fritz because it's quite old and stretched and I'll probably move past now) and two of the bottoms match a turquoise top, of which I did not own. So one pair of bottoms can go either way. So essentially I have five new swimsuits for $32! Now that is a bargain! Those combined with a couple from the last year or two ( also have other bottoms that will match the new black top) will be perfect for a suit a day on vacation. A suit a day isn't exactly necessary, but at those prices who can say resist?

The catalog also has a great chocolate and pink paisley (all pieces come in paisley and an espresso color so it's great to mix and match) suit I loved but can't really justify purchasing given the above. However it is on back order so if it's on clearance by the time it arrives, I may be forced to acquire it for next spring, no?


Rusti said...

Even if you didn't get the bargains we've grown used to, you still managed to total a great deal on your swimsuit collection!! That is AWESOME MrsM! I hope you do find a reason to get the brown & pink paisley suit... my favorite color is brown (you couldn't tell based on my wedding pictures could you?) and I would be so happy for you (albeit a tad jealous as well!) :) Congrats!!

JayJenny said...

Awesome, I'm glad it worked out for you! The paisley print is so cute, you gotta get it for your cruise!!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

That pink and chocolate swimsuit is awesome! Hmmm...will have to check on that