Friday, May 25, 2007


  • My day started off quite hellaciously, thanks for asking! I hadn't even had coffee yet and realized I'd need something much stronger to move forward. If only I could get fired so I could spend my summer being a nanny at the pool all while drawing unemployement. I have high aspirations, I know!
  • I'm going to God's Country this for the long weekend to visit my family and best friend, and J's little love. There will be chicken and dumplins involved and wedding cake to celebrate our anniversary. What are you doing this weekend?
  • Speaking of chicken and dumplins....Jenny has never had those. Now I'm feeling really deep South over there. Raise your hand if you HAVE NEVER HAD CHICKEN AND DUMPLINS!
  • Don't forget Summer Swap 2007!
  • Ok, so I hate everyone of you for leaving me hanging here! Seriously, not even a sympathy comment. I bared my soul as being an idiot and I got nothing.
  • Did anyone try any of these? What did you think?
  • Oh, and J is totally coming around on my shoe shopping. I think he really likes the red ones. We had a conversation much like this:

J: Are you going to wear your red shoes with that dress

Me: Absolutely! And I can wear them with (blah blah blah....)

J: I think I kinda like those. They look pretty on you.

Me: Good! I hope you like the black ones too!

(Oops, did I not mention those?)

Well, a couple of days later we had a conversation similar to this:

J:Cupcake, I don't think I've seen those shoes before.

Me: You haven't, you've just heard about them. (See Above)

  • Remember my winning bunco money? Well I went out with the girls for my friend JB's birthday for "Manicures and Martinis". Wow-$5 manicures, $5 massages, and $4 martinis. I only had so many nails to manicure so I was forced to spend a massive amount of my gambling earnings on martinis. Poor me. (Here we are below).


brittny said...

Everytime I come on your blog I feel so behind! You're so good at updating! You're my inspiration! :)

I hope you're having a good weekend in God's Country. Ha ha, we call Norman Oklahoma God's Country. Wherever God's country is- you're home or my home- I hope you're having a wonderful time and eating chicken and dumplings. I can't believe Jenny hasn't had any! Jenny- you're not American my love! ha ha.

You are such a sweet friend! Taking the girls out for a nice treat like that! Mrs. M, I want to live near you! You're so creative and thoughtful! I need to learn.

Thanks for the meme tag. I'll get on that this weekend. I haven't done one in so long! It looks like fun too

I look forward to your next post! Talk to you soon!!

Mrs. M said...


JayJenny said...

Thanks for the shout-out Mrs. M! No, I haven't had Chicken and Dumplings and I've never even seen a Chick-Fil-A. I'm so sheltered huh?

One more day for the SUMMER SWAP. We've got 15 right now!

JayJenny said...

But what I really want ot know is where you go to get $5 manicures and pedicures. Should I drive South for a pampering session? Wouldn't that be fun? Especially if you get fired and become a Pool Nanny. How fun!

Mrs. M said...

TAKE IT BACK!! You've not even seen a chick-fil-a?? That makes me cry real tears jenny!!!