Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A lot of people lost money

Why? Because I'm certain J and I made it far past speculation with the celebratory one year anniversary. We had a great weekend that started Thursday. We went to a baseball game (using paper tickets), Friday night we had dinner at a favorite cafe (using a paper coupon), we drove around perusing garage sales Saturday morning (looking for paper signs), had dinner at another favorite restaurant on Saturday night(the menus were paper?), went hiking on Sunday (referencing a paper map), then got a milkshake at our favorite deli (ok, semi-grease pit but the cup was paper!), and finished off Sunday night by attending a birthday party for the preacher who married us. He's a great family friend and became ordained just to marry us. We always celebrate big events with the H family. We had a fabulous weekend and had fun relating everything to paper.

As for gifts, we're getting our passports (paper!).

Thanks for all of your well wishes! Next year is clocks. I suppose we'll have a full on Flava Flav extravaganza.


Zoe D. said...

Love, love, LOVE the Chop House!! YUMMY! Smokies games are the best! Glad you had a good time, and all of that totally relaed to paper:)

JayJenny said...

I'm so glad you and J had a wonderful anniversary and enjoyed all of the paper festivities!

Christy said...

Goodness..sounds like you made the most of it! Glad you had a great first year!