Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Eye Funk

Last week I came down with an eye funk. Seriously, there were clowns, camels, and carnivals all taking up residence in my eyes. Yuck! They were light sensitive, red and watery, and felt constantly like there was sand in them. It wasn't "pink eye" because I've had that before. I resisted the temptation to go to Web MD for fear I'd come down with a number of other maladies along the way. So I sucked it up and made an emergency appointment at the eye doctor's office.

First of all, I had to refill all of the paperwork because the last doctor I'd seen had left and took his records with him. Does anyone else find that odd? Shouldn't those records be in a computer? Shouldn't the actual office have the right to retain a copy? This makes me want to switch eye doctors again. I'm desperately trying to find someone and stick with them. (I'm also considering switching gynecologists. I think I'm going to stick it out with the dentist (even though I think he over charges me for being a pain), but mostly because Mrs. S's mom works there and I can cry if I want to! But seriously, I'd like to find some people and stick with them.)

Anyway, thirty minutes and thirty dollars later I'm told I have a virus (conjunctive-retinal-something or another----mimosa??) and that there is no treatment but to suck it up and use some drops. Great. Just great. I mean all of the above feels really pleasant when I'm at a computer for 85% of my day. So I continued to drive around with one eye open (thankfully the right eye. I'm legally blind in my left. At any rate, stay off of the pike....) adding drops, feeling like I'm ready for the carny to pack up and leave.

But to get to my point, I've not been able to wear make up for the past week and still cannot for a couple of days. I feel like I look a little frightening. I'm a full on eye make-up kind of gal (pipe down, I'm not a high maintenance kind of person.) At the very least I never leave the house without mascara and lip gloss. On the bright side, I've shaved ten minutes off my morning routine because I can totally put on lip gloss while driving (with one eye open...). This has been kind of nice. Since summer is fast approaching I'll be paring down my daily routine because I feel so hot, sticky, and gross with the melting sun upon my painted on face, so I suppose this has been a good start.

But since I'm missing wearing make up, I'd like to talk about it. Would you be so kind as to tell me about your normal make-up/getting ready/morning routine. To be fair, I'll go first.

I have to dry my hair (which I loathe) or flatten or curl it if I went to bed with it wet because I have about 49 cowlicks. On days I do morning washes I don't curl or anything because it takes so. long. to. dry. my. hair. And I hate hair dryers.

For my face I use moisturizer with sunscreen all over my face and neck. Next I add concealer to the big black bags beneath my eyes and on any blemishes my darling face has incurred. (There is this red dot on my cheek that will. not. go. away! It's not a zit or anything, just an annoying dot.) Next, I put on liquid make-up over the entire face. Truthfully I skip this step 75% of the time. But then I always add on a layer of loose powder with a big fluffy brush. I sometimes (40% of the time) will add a little blush. I'm kinda rosy anyway so this step isn't really that necessary. Next, I start on the eyes. I use eyeliner, followed by several colors of eye shadow (at least 2, usually three or four) all blended in with a brush and then add a coat of mascara. Last I put on lipstick and gloss/chapstick all day long.

So tell me your routine. And I hope it's not currently interrupted by eye funk.


Robin said...

I put my makeup on, powder, 2 colors of eye shadow, blush, lipstick & mascara. It takes me about 5 to 6 minutes for that. Then, I dry my hair..about 10 minutes. After that, I flat iron it. I guess the whole process takes about 25 minutes, plus the time it takes to shower & get dressed.

I hope the eye funk goes away soon. It doesn't sound like too much fun. :(

audreybreier said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog...I'm glad to know someone feels my pain :) My MIL constantly tries to tell us how to do things too. Once, she came and stayed with us and I woke up one morning and she was downstairs doing our laundry..I was thinking "I really don't want my MIL to see my lingerie!!" Then, she proceeded to tell me how to do my laundry many ways are there to do laundry?? Then, when she was just here this weekend she started telling me how to hang stuff in Cade's closet. I know how to hang stuff up!! And, I have a system of how I do it. She just gets to me so bad!!! Anyway, I'll stop or I'll just keep on complaining haha

Mrs. T2 said...

Hi Mrs. M,

Since you popped in on my blog I thought I would pop in on yours and say hello!!

My morning routine sounds similar to yours. I have the most unusual hair in the world so I always have to blow dry and either curl or straighten. Now that I have a baby it takes way too long and I wish I could just chop it all off. On my face I use a bit of eye cream, moisturizer with spf 30, and bit of concealer under my eyes, clear mascara unless I am going out then I wear black, a dust of powder, blush, and lipstick. I can't stand to wear foundation even though I have what is called a pregnancy mask on my face. (Dark patches from hormones)I think that covers it.

I will be interested in reading what everyone else writes.

Take Care,

girl from the south said...

You have an illness of champagne and orange juice? :)

Hope you feel better soon! Eye infections aren't fun. Be sure to replace all your contact stuff.

Lola's *mom* said...

What an excellent question. Ah the morning does take forever, doesn't it? I start with foundation then add blush, usually 2 shades of eyeshadow and lipstick. I'd like to use mascara but can't find one that doesn't smudge or run. I'm not really into the raccoon look, personally. My main morning problem is getting my hair to cooperate!!

Mike said...

Hmm. The Tortellini Soup seems very inviting. I should try that soon.