Thursday, February 01, 2007

School thoughts, with tangents

I've always wanted to get my Master's Degree. Always. However, I don't really need one, per se. See, I'm hoping that my next career, in several years, will be as an incubator. Incubators don't need an MS. (Hey, these days you don't even need common sense!) Plus, with my husband getting his MBA (that smart (HOT!) little thing!), I'm kinda falling into the June Cleaver trap of good for him, he can work.

I really have selfish reasons for wanting an MS. Basically, I just want it! I want to be the smartest, most educated incubator around. I could be just as happy ordering one from ebay. Hmmm, maybe I should look into that.

As I began contemplating further my education, I checked out several online programs. Since I've quite regressed in my being a social butterfly, as in I don't want to be around people I don't know and feel I don't need to make new friends, I thought an online program would be a good choice. Plus I won't have to rearrange my work schedule to much and I can do school work in my pajamas from the comfort of my home office.

I found a few online programs I'd consider, but one really stood out. It was perfect for my interests and goals, well, my backup goals anyway. It integrated all of the things I've done and plan to do. After I was so excited about it I checked the price tag. Are you ready for this? It was a kidney ripping 33k! Yes, thirty three thousand dollars! Even I'm not that spoiled and ridiculous to pay 33k for a degree I may not even use.

Sadly, that was crossed off of the list. Although there are a few online programs left I'm considering, I decided to hit my undergrad campus since the deadline was drawing near.

Things certainly had changed. It was so odd driving down the streets and seeing things so different. There had been demolition on places where I hung out (namely a frat house), and other frat houses had changed. Things had been painted, trees planted, new parking garages being built, and younger students attending. Well, I felt awfully old and them having younger students is all I could figure.

I finally found parking and went to officially change my name in the system, obtain a transcript, and make my meeting. And you know what? I had some hot little thing college boys opening doors for me. I know what you're thinking. "Oh my goodness she is so foxy and fine that these smokin' hot young college kids are opening the door for her!" Well wouldn't that be nice? But now, I was looking something of a mess with wash and wear hair and minimal make up because I was more worried about getting out of my driveway and braving what could have been icy conditions, than my appearance. And it hit me, I'm old! These young men are obviously southern gentlemen and they're opening the door for me because I'm their elder.I. Felt. So. Old! Old. Old. Old.

Anyway, I had my meeting and was told I was a good candidate blah blah blah...and I left.

So here I sit. Pondering. Do I put the effort and money into going to school? Do I decide my goals have changed and I won't get an MS? What if I decide not to be a SAHM and I want a career and will use the degree....then what? Oh the decisions.

Anyone, anyone at all? Thoughts? Opinions? What did you do? What would you do? Also, anyone have 33k or a seed for a money tree? Just checking.


Nicole said...

My graduate school advisor said, "Education is a gift you give to yourself." Bring on the cheese, I know, but I think there is something to it.

I did a Master's degree and right now I'm not exactly using it, even though I do work. (It's a long story.) But I don't regret that education, even though I am still paying the US government monthly for the privilege of getting it.

And while I completely respect the desire to be a stay-at-home mom, they aren't little for long. What do you do while they're in school (assuming you don't homeschool)? What about after they leave the nest?

Eh. I dunno. You could just stay home and sew. ;)
Just my two cents.

BlondeMom said...

I just have my BA in print journalism and sociology. At one point pre-babies I thought I would want to pursue my MBA, but now I've gotten "lazy" on the career ladder and I am content working behind the scenes as an editor, making a good salary, but not really making any waves. There are also very few corporate communications/editing jobs here in Nashville and since we will not be relocating any time soon at all due to my husband's business, I've put the school thoughts on the backburner. And honestly for the field I am in I don't know that an MBA would have helped further me in my career, unless we lived in a more happenin' career city, like Atlanta or New York.

That said, I agree with Nicole. You may want to enter the workforce again some day when your children go to preschool or kindergarten. If this is something that means a lot to you, you should pursue it now before motherhood gets in the way! ;)

girl from the south said...

Don't worry about the investment in an MA! I fully intend on being SAHM, Ph.D. one of these days. Even if I'm writing my dissertation while my kids are on the playground, it's something I want to do.

Education is something you value, and I know how much you love school. If you're passionate about it, pursue it. You should never feel guilty for investing in your dreams.

Besides, think about how much we got out of our undergrad days, and we were either skipping school, hungover or well, just lazy. Grad school is a lot of work, but is so much better!