Wednesday, January 24, 2007

JL and Volunteering

This past weekend I spent a great deal of time on Junior League activities. I've really started looking forward to and enjoying JL activities more than I expected. There are still the handful of catty, ridiculous girls who talk through the whole meeting and only talk to each other because they're like a middle school clique, but that aside, I've met some truly amazing and wonderful women.

I have a lot in common with several of the women. First of all, we're about the same age. Several of us are newly married. There are a ton of ladies in the Marketing/PR industry as I am. I've really done some great networking and prospecting this way. Above all however, [the majority of ]these women have a really beautiful heart and a love of their community just as I do. Our project Saturday was very fulfilling and it was nice to see other women with such a desire to volunteer.

I've always had a spirit to volunteer and serve. I remember always doing March of Dimes, and also volunteering at the Special Olympics when I was a kid. I was involved in projects, like reading to the elderly, with my Brownie Girl Scout Troop as well. (Which by the way I love Girl Scouts! It's also cookie time again! Yum Yum!). I continued to volunteer for a variety of events and projects throughout middle school and high school. I became president of a school service group in high school and was able to really become involved in activities and fundraisers for charities. I also began volunteering as an MDA Camp Counselor when I was 16 and continued for 9 years. In college I was part of a service sorority and really had some of the most amazing times of my four years. Being in the JL is a continuation of being able to volunteer and give back to my community.

The only thing that could make my love of volunteering any better is to do it with my husband, and this summer that's going to happen when we work on a house with Habitat for Humanity together. I've done it before and it's a great experience. I'm glad J agreed to do it with me. He's so talented with his tools and building things that it would be a shame not to do it. He, by the way, would love to build houses for a living. Well, except for working in the sun, and the rain, and the wind...etc. Perhaps he should stick to purchasing and logistics from his office chair.

So, are there any other JL'ers out there? Any GS girls? Who else volunteers either on your own or with an organized group? Anyone want to share any past, present, or future projects?

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Mrs. R. Belle said...

I don't do well in groups! Glad you had fun!