Sunday, January 07, 2007

I'm a Cake Tasting Rock Star!

J and I had such a great time this weekend with Mr. O and Mrs. O-to-Be. Mrs. O-to-Be, her sister, and I went to the Bridal Show which Mrs. O-to-Be really enjoyed. Actually we all rather enjoyed it and tasted about 283 Wedding Cakes! Yum! It was a sweet weekend.

I love the wedding stuff. We worked out tons of details for Mrs. O-to-Be including a charming bed and breakfast for the Bridal Party to stay. Wow, it's adorable. J and I love Bed and Breakfast Inns anyway, hence our home is the M Bed and Breakfast.

We also had a little detour by the mall. We were just driving by and it beckoned us. As we were browsing clothes I found all sorts of cute things, and then put them all back. I have a real problem with buying anything I can't wear to work. It was too bad too, but I found some very cute jeans. Mrs. O-to-Be made the comment of "I can't wait until I'm out of school and work, then I won't have to wear jeans everyday, and I can wear scrubs." WHAT? Do you know how much I'd love to wear jeans everyday? I like my dress clothes, etc., but I love me some jeans!

J and Mr. O had a nice little man-date too. Those boys are too funny when they're together. Mrs. O-to-Be and I can't wait to send them away so that we can turn the bachelor pad into a charming little home. Shhh! Don't tell them.

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