Thursday, January 11, 2007

Fifteen Days

I couldn't handle it! I went back to my old phone. I only had the other one for 5 days and I just couldn't take it. So yes, Apple now has the fancy, schmancy iPhone and I'm sporting my antique model. I still think I'm a cool kid. I'm so cool I don't have to have new fancy gadgets to be cool. (But don't, under any circumstances attempt to take my laptop or mp3 player!)

So, yesterday on the phone I told my husband I was considering returning it, since I had fifteen days to do so with no penalty. Then I mentioned it again last night as we were cooking dinner. He rolled his eyes at me (knowing he'd probably be the one to take care of it) and told me I didn't really give the phone a chance. (I don't care, I just don't like it. It's super hard to text message. It's like when you got to the atm and push "Spanish" just for fun to see if you can figure out what it is saying from memory. Expect that's not fun when I'm trying to quickly text!) Plus the pictures don't show up pretty because it had bars at the top and bottom of the screens with lots of mumbo-jumbo so I couldn't even see the pretty pics of my hubby, or the too cute kiddies I love. Plus the colors on the screen bars were bright red and it annoyed me. I couldn't change them either. Ok, so that's enough pointing out how obviously, horribly, awful this phone was.

Again, back to us cooking dinner. I wrapped my arms around my hubby and squeezed on him. I looked at him with my pretty, pretty blue eyes and gave me a million dollar smile. Then I said in my sweetest, sugar-dripping voice, "Honey, you know how I'm sooooo picky about things, even little things, and I change my mind all the time. Well, there's one thing I'm certain of and I didn't change my mind about, and that's you!"

He says, "Good because your fifteen days up!"


girl from the south said...

1. The ugly red bars the are standard Verizon template now. You can change that pretty easily.
2. They are starting to go a little overboard with features on a phone. My perfect combination would be a BlackBerry/Phone, iPod, XM radio and camera. I could care less about downloading videos, games or other silly features.. I'm thinking SexyBack isn't the most professional thing to have go off on your phone during a business meeting (although I'm currently sporting Rocky Top and Super Mario Brothers). If my old, basic Samsung wasn't dying, I'd be perfectly content with it.
2. You use the Spanish function at the ATM? Is this a regular occurrance?

Mrs. M said...

1. I couldn't make the red bars go away. I could change color schemes but they all looked the same and the red bars remained.

2. Not so much a regular occurance anymore, but in college, it was great fun. Especially after a night when you just wanted some cash to walk thru the Wendy's or Krystal's drive thru pre-credit card days.