Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Cool Kid Status

I'm finally a cool kid. I got a (drum roll please....) camera phone! Yes, a camera phone. Now that camera phones are no longer the in thing and phones do things I can't even do while not using a phone, (like my hubby's phone) I got a camera phone. I didn't even get a flip phone until after camera phones were cool. Even my little brother sports the fancy little phone that opens with a keyboard. Which, by the way, I think is ridiculous since he's only thirteeen. Talk about the differences in the way we were raised.

I decided to clean out my contacts list once all of the numbers were transferred. I had 232 contacts! Not numbers, just contacts. I call, um, maybe 25 people total! I did manage to get it down to 167 and have faith I can ride 25 more.

I hate getting new phones because they never work like you're old phone. It's not nearly as easy for me to text message on this new phone, a hobby I greatly enjoy while sitting at my desk, ahem, working.

Well I guess I've arrived: laptop, check; pda, check; mp3 player, check; camera phone, check.

Ok, who am I kidding? I'll never be the on-top-of-it kinda girl with all of the cool new techy gear, but my hubby will. Which is good because then he can learn to use all of that stuff for me. Maybe someday I'll care more. Or, maybe I'll always be to cheap to care and live vicariously thru A with her top of the line phones/ipods/blackberries/whatever the cool new DC urban thingy is.

Speaking of A, she found this awesome sleek black laptop breifcase tote that was exactly the item I've been searching for. The store had more available so I picked it up while I was in Chattanooga. Even better, it was on sale!

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girl from the south said...

I wish I could be a cool, DC techie, however without a trust fund, it's impossible to stay up on all the gadgets. I still feel embarrassed to pull out the Addypod on the Metro because it's not the newest Nano. Don't even get me started on my desire to join the BlackBerry club without being enslaved by it with my job (like most people who have BlackBerries).