Friday, October 27, 2006

The Weekend Ahead

Look out world, Mrs. M is having a whirlwind weekend ahead. Coming up are Race for the Cure, Tinsel and Treasure, a date at the Pumpkin Patch with friends, a Birthday Party, and UT Kickoff at 7:45, and all of that is just on Saturday. Yes, I'll be up with the chickens and coming home with the cows. (Now those are some good ol' East TN metaphors for you!) Good thing Sunday is low key, I'll need it to recuperate. I'm sure it will be filled with J and playing in the garage and finishing a few outdoor projects since the weather is supposed to be nice

I think tonight may bring about a bit of shopping, and perhaps a movie. Then again, I might just need my Z's to get ready for Saturday's marathon of events.

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