Monday, October 02, 2006

Walking In Memphis

Yes, this past weekend was my long anticipated trip to the west side of the state that should be cut off and called Mississippi. Actually, we did stay in Mississippi since that is the suburb that the S's live in. After gassing up and getting dinner J and I left with the Y's Friday evening.

My bladder barely made it out of the eastern time zone and I was asleep no sooner than we drove through Nashville. That's me, a real road tripper!

We finally arrived at the S house around midnight and as any good Southern Belle would, Mrs. S had soup, sandwiches, and a variety of beverages waiting for us. There is nothing like good Southern friends who know how to treat house guests!

Early Saturday morning, Mrs. S and I were up and out or an early morning jog around her neighborhood. It is so cute. I'd love to have cute little subdivisions like that here. We did make a quick stop for me to hang upside down on the monkey bars at the little park. When we got home it was quick showers and time to prepare our tailgating spread for the gaming festivities. Yum--the food was super tasty! The game was great fun since the Vols won. It was an easy win over Memphis, the stadium was 80% orange, and Tiger fans began clear out during the third quarter.
But the best part of the weekend was just being with our wonderful friends. Besides being with the S's and Y's, we were able to visit with Jessica which was absolutely fabulous. We enjoyed Mrs. S's discount from two of the best stores ever, W-S and PB. J and I totally racked up some goodies. If we weren't in a corolla with another couple we would have so managed to throw in some of the great furniture. Instead, we opted for smaller items that were trunk worthy. That night we went to a fabulous little ribs "hole in the wall" type joint that everyone knows and loves. Mrs. S and I had eaten there before on a trip to Memphis. It is super delicious. We strolled through Peabody (where we saw Paula Deen and her cools is that??) and then returned back to the S house, which by the way, is gorgeous. The blue paint in the great room looks wonderful. I love the shade and it's such a homey feeling. It looks so nice in the kitchen against the cabinets and counter tops, too. Mrs. S also painted stripes in her dining area like I did. It's darling. She put Mr. S to work and the entire house has been painted less the (large!) master bath. I came up with a great idea for her and we made a purchase at PB for the design. I so missed my calling as an interior designer. I can't wait to go back and check it out. I also gave a great idea for the bonus room, but we'll see if Mr. S goes for it.

Saturday night was absolutely wonderful. I have some of the absolute best friends in the world that I love dearly. Mrs. S, Mrs. Y and I sat out on the patio with our Beringer and Champagne (hey, we're fancy girls!) and had the best conversation ever. There are some things you can only talk about with real friends and I'm so thankful that God has blessed me with several, especially Mrs. S and Mrs. Y. We can share absolutely anything with one another and Saturday night was perfect for relaxing and really getting to chat! It's so fun to be a young, fun, "yuppie" newlywed with some of your best friends.

Finally when the bottles were empty, the glasses were empty, and our husbands were asleep, we decided perhaps we should go to bed as well. Sunday morning came all too quickly putting an end to our wonderful weekend. Mrs. S and I did another tour de neighborhood, we all enjoyed breakfast on the patio, and shortly thereafter it was time to make the long trek back to East Tennessee.

I hate the drive to Memphis, I hate the city of Memphis (less the W-S and PB outlets), but I love my friends and it was so worth the trip! I hope we can plan another long weekend in a few months.

Gas for Memphis Road Trip: $70
Shopping Spree at Outlets: $100
Food and drinks for the weekend: $250
Saturday night chatting with the girls: Priceless!

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