Friday, October 13, 2006

Brrrrr, It's Cold Outside!

It's not even the middle of October and I had to scrape a solid sheet of ice off of my car this morning! Not the kind of ice where you can wash your windshield and get rid of it either, but a solid sheet of ice! How is it already that cold?

I enjoy the fall and winter seasons, but I never feel that transition is long enough. The couple of perfect days you get sporadically in September and October should last a good solid six weeks.

My other plight in this type of weather, is what to wear. I am not one for rushing the seasons, so I always find myself in a predicament. That being said, I couldn't put on the turtleneck sweater I felt like wearing, but I couldn't hold onto the sheer, three-quarters length shirt with a camisole either. I finally decided on a button down with a jacket.

I have more fall and winter clothes than I do spring and summer anyway. (Well, since I work in an office environment where it's inappropriate to wear mini skirts and halter tops on a daily basis in the summer, my spring and summer wardrobe largely resembles a fall and winter wardrobe but with lighter tops.) However I think it's just too early to rush the season into turtleneck sweaters. I have the same issues in the spring. At the first sight of sun, dozens of people are pulling out flip-flops, in February and March! I simply can't wear sandals until April. It's my own silly rule. Likewise, I also don't wear sandals past September. I break out the "October shoes" which are those that can be worn in warm weather without socks (pumps, ballet flats) and are a nice transition to the seasons.

Well now, there is my tangent on season changing fashion.

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