Monday, September 25, 2006

A Wedding Affair

Two of my good friends JR and Lindsey were married on Saturday in a beautiful ceremony despite the last minute changes.

Of all times to have a torrential downpour with no end in sight, it was Saturday when they'd planned their outdoor wedding. The last minute changes put the ceremony in a gorgeous nearby church. The bridesmaids were so sweet and split up the guest list and began making phone calls to relay the new information to guests. The bride and groom were so over the moon on their wedding day that nothing could ruin it for them.

The ceremony was gorgeous and very reflective of the two of them. Lindsey looked absolutely beautiful in her dress, and they were very sweet as they prayed together. They have such a special story of being high school sweethearts and making it through the trials of growing up and going through college. They also had great music selections. I loved when they walked out to "Better Together."

The reception, however, was still outdoors. There was a huge tent set up and it was large enough for all of the guests. Unfortunately it had rained so much that even the covered ground was saturated and slightly muddy. The bride had about 4-6 inches of mud up the bottom of her dress. But she had the best attitude of "oh well, you only wear it once!" No amount of rain could ruin their day. Everyone had a great time of dinner and dancing.

I knew everything would go off without a hitch considering they had the best wedding coordinator ever (same as me), SEC! That girl is amazing and can do anything!

A few of my favorite touches were, of course, the ones that were mine. I was so happy to be able to help someone with their wedding because I had so much help with mine. Lindsey used my shepherd's hooks and pomanders and had white Christmas lights streaming from them. It was very pretty. I also liked the way the bride and groom honored their ushers and ceremony attendants by having them walk in pre-ceremony. The reverend's anecdote of seeing their love blossom from on-again, off-again, to back on-again was rather entertaining. When the bridal party was announced at the reception, they all did a different little dance, which was very cute, and very entertaining. Oh, and their was a double layer chocolate groom's cake. Yum.

It was so nice to see and catch up with many old friends from camp and college, especially MWBEIII. I absolutely love weddings! I'm thrilled I was able to be there. Witnessing your friends finding love and committing themeselves to one another in a ceremony before God, family, and friends is absolutely amazing. It is such an important and special part of someones life and such an honor for everyone involved. I love it being in and going to weddings.

Lindsey and JR are such sweet, caring, genuine people and I'm so happy to have them as my friends. I wish them many blessings as they begin their life together.

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