Friday, September 08, 2006

A New Laundry Rule, House Cleaning Habits

You know you are old and boring when you post about laundry and cleaning....more than once!

You may remember how picky J is about his laundry. Well last night I implemented the his and hers laundry rule. He does his, and I do mine. I understand that time is precious so being meticulous about laundering clothes is better than having them unpresentable for wearing when the time comes. And let me tell you--we do not iron! I also realize that J and I have to dress up everyday for work so it's important that our dress clothes look nice. But still, I'm over the fuss with his laundry. Now, we have the pretty pink hamper for my clothes, and the blue hamper for his clothes. It feels good already to know that my laundry time is definitely cut in half. I'd also like to note that when we have children that I'll teach them how to do laundry to avoid extreme ridicule from peers and future spouses.

In other ramblings, there was a topic brought up at work this week. A lady made a reference to "How do you get men to get out of the chair and away from the TV to do anything (cleaning)?" I looked at her like she had three heads! Maybe she and her husband are just old and in a rut, but at my house we do not have the "little housewife does the cleaning" mentality. Oh no, no, no, no! J and I both know that indoor chores are not just mine, and outdoor chores are not just his (well, mostly they are just his, but not totally!). I'm very meticulous and picky about cleaning and I do so love it, but J does his fair share of helping. He doesn't jump up and decide he wants to scrub the house from top to bottom as I do, but if I tell him it's time to clean then we split up what needs to be done and do it. He does quite well with a mop and a broom! He can also cook! Likewise, I can mow the grass, blow the driveway and sidewalk, and other outdoor chores.

Am I the only one with such a good husband? How can anyone stand a man that sits in his recliner with a beer and the remote? Even if we aren't up and cleaning the house, J is not a lazy bum who comes in from work and does the above. Even if we're taking it easy for the evening, it is no where near alpha-male and bum-like.

I suppose that is just how roles change over the decades, or how such strong will women like myself wear the pants. (Ha Ha! Joking honey!) I know that neither Mrs. S or I would ever stand a useless man/husband. Am I right? YA YA!

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