Friday, September 22, 2006

A New Baby

(No, no, no! Not my baby! Silly people!)

Last night J and I visited some great friends, the C family. Their new baby Riley is an absolute doll. He let me hold him and snuggle him for more than two hours. With his big brother (Ethan, 1), and big sister (Abbey, 4), he get plenty of love and snuggles. They are so darling together. They pet him so cute and Ethan likes to get right in his face to see him. He calls him "brudder" and it's darling. I'm so happy that they have finally been able to bring their little bundle of joy home from the hospital. He had a few complications at birth that kept him in the NICU with a few scary moments. Thankfully, he is doing very well and was able to go home. What a blessed little boy with such a wonderful family.

It was fun to visit and catch up with the C's. I never new that J and Brian had so much in common. Amy loves to sew, scrapbook, and be creative like me, so we have much in common as well. I loved hearing all of her fun ideas for decorating the kids rooms as well as the rest of their home. Their new house is so amazing in the cutest little neighborhood with a park just down the street. J and I fall in love with that area everytime we are there. While I don't think I could live in AC, we still have hopes of a cute little cottage on the lake. We know tons of friends in the AC area so it would be very fun to have a little place out there for the weekends on the lake and to sit by a fire in the winter.

Also on our journey last night was a stop by a favorite little AC deli. I got much entertainment out of the sign that read "We use cholesterol free oil" above the grill of the greasy burgers, dogs, and fries. Only in AC my friend!

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