Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Catching Up

I wasn't able to give my usual weekend update yesterday, so here it is.

J and I (and by that I mean mostly J) spent a great deal of time on our potting shed. Refer to previous post for the details.

The M Bed and Breakfast was open and it was nice to catch up with friends. It was actually more of the Bed and Breakfast and Lunch! It was fabulous.

I got a new bike helmet and had to get a youth size to fit my small head. If only the rest of me were proportional to that! J and I also did a little other shopping Friday night--I love shopping!

I'm rather disturbed by the lack of defense for the Vols. Air Force? 31-30? Really? Hopefully this will have them pick up the pace for the Florida game. Although I have to admit that my sights aren't set very high. I won't be attending the Florida game, just tailgating with friends on Saturday. However the next weekend J and I will be going to Memphis on a little roadtrip with the Y's to see the S's. He made a great point: by the time we get there, tickets could be really cheap.

WANTED: a defense team that knows how to run, tackle, break legs, and play like they're in the SEC.

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