Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I heard the most atrocious rumor yesterday, and I'm afraid it's true.

My. Work. Place. Does. NOT. Have. The. Day. Off. After. THANKSGIVING!

What on earth kind of communist, absurd, senseless place did I sign up to work? I guess I should expect such things in the media industry. Perhaps I should have done a little extra research in my year long trek to get a job here.

J gets that day off. It will be out of the question to see my family for Thanksgiving if I work Friday. Well, out of the question for me. J will be there with bells on if my Auntie B is cooking. Even spending the day with J's family will be arduous. How do they expect me to have a good holiday. Better yet--HOW DO THEY EXPECT ME TO GO SHOPPING ON BLACK FRIDAY!?!?

Well, the good news is that I have plenty of vacation days as well as my BIRTHDAY day that week so perhaps I can score the day off. Of course being the newest girl, it's not certain. Others will have priority over me. Luckily, however, several here are My Town natives with all of their family being here so it may not be a big deal for them.

I suppose we'll wait and see. I may be donning clothes of mourning complete with black hat adorned with an ugly flower and taffeta veil hanging over my face.

Work? On the Friday after Thanksgiving? WHAT?

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