Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Harsh Realities from my Husband

We're eating dinner Monday night (chicken kabobs, squash casserole, and glazed carrots). J isn't seeming so into the squash casserole or glazed carrots so I ask him if he likes it. It goes a little something like this:

Me: Do you like the squash?
J: Yeah, it's good (takes a heaping bite, but isn't convincing.)
Me: Really? Because if not it's ok.
J: No really.
Me: Because sometimes I feel like you say that just to not hurt my feelings.
J: Well, I have before, but this really is good!

Yeah--he has lied to me about not liking what I've cooked. Apparently the time I cooked with a bay leaf it was a little potent for him.

I totally don't have a green thumb but wish I did. I'm working really hard on it. After the honeymoon I planted an Herb Garden which resides just outside the kitchen door. Monday night I was carrying a tray out for dinner and noticed that there was tons more growth. Especially the spearmint. I picked a leaf and smelled it but it wasn't so spearmintish. So I tell myself it's just not fully ready. Sitting at dinner with J:

Me: Did you see my herbs? The spearmint? And I was afraid it wasn't going to grow.
J: It's grass.

I mean c'mon! I was pretty sure, but not super sure. I still had hope! I'm glad my darling is so blatantly honest (sometimes!).

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