Thursday, July 13, 2006

A Date With My Husband...and Boyfriend

Yes, I had a date with my husband and my boyfriend! Am I a lucky girl or what? Last night J and I took Boyfriend to see Cars. I love spending time with children and Boyfriend was excited to see this movie so we made a little date of it.

I picked Boyfriend up after work and took him to the house to wait for J so we could eat pizza. Within five minutes I turn my head and he has scaled the railing over the stairs. What a monkey. Thankfully he returned safely and I threatened his life if he ever did that again. Boyfriend had a great time; we fed him pizza, M&M's, kool-aid, and other such goodies before and during the movie. Afterwards, we returned him home. Oh how I love kids but how I also love returning them to their parents and going home to my own world.

As for the movie review, Cars was very cute and a must see for kids. It is, however a long movie at two hours. It may be more of a buy-on-dvd for little ones with short attention spans.

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