Friday, July 07, 2006

And They're Off....

B and Sjb have gone to Montana to get married. I saw them off about 8:15 this morning. I want to be there so, so bad, but having just paid for my own wedding leaves little in the travel fund to fly out there. That combined with gas prices resulting in ticket prices skyrocketing to obscene amounts (in the neighborhood of 1,000 for just me to fly, leaving my hubby at home!). I do, however, have a copy of her ceremony which I'll read about 8pm on Tuesday night when she'll be walking thru the field and down the aisle with her parents and locking eyes with her best friend and man of her dreams all the while looking absolutely stunning.

Last night J and I went over there to ahem, keep the peace. She and B could have very well strangled each other with the stress of getting everything together and a few last minute things to do. It was great to be on the outside of that. I remember the couple weeks and especially the last couple days before our wedding. I was, um, slightly less than my charming and joyful self. Sometimes I look back and think, "Why on earth did he still marry me?" Nonetheless, I'm so, so happy that he did. But last night was fun, helping her pack and pick out music as well as throwing out reminders to ensure they'd done everything. At least I get to be a little part of her big day. I also went with her to try on and pick out her dress as well as both fittings. It was such fun. I remember when we went to, ahem, "play" in our wedding dresses. That was good times. We loved being dressed up so pretty in our dresses together. In fact, this fall we're going to take off our bands and go to a different bridal boutique to try on dresses just for fun! We can't go back to White Lace because they know us there all too well!

Sjb and B have such a great story of knowing each other since Kindergarten and being high school sweethearts, twice since the first attempt didn't go so well. But how cute that they went to their Jr. and Sr. Prom together, graduated together, attended college together, and graduated again together, and now they're getting married. It makes me wish I had a precious high school sweetheart story. But then I think, "PRAISE THE LORD---I did not marry any of those jerks or losers that I went out with in high school!" Besides, I don't think J and I would have liked each other in high school. We were both very different than we are now.

So besides all of the tangents I wandered off on in this post, Sjb and B have gone to get married. So, SO, exciting! In three days she'll be a Mrs., and we'll be able to be wives together. I know Sjb may not be in My Town much longer (and hey, who knows how long J and I will be here and where we'll end up in a couple years) so I'm glad that I know we have a few months to be in this part of our lives together.

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