Friday, April 21, 2006


Come on everyone--break out a reprise of Kool and the Gang and Celebrate!

"Celebrate good times, come on! (Let's celebrate)"

It’s time to celebrate! Why? Because I got a new job! I’m so excited that after much anticipation, yesterday I was given the official, affirmative offer that the job was mine. I had been in limbo since Monday when I received the unofficial offer pending references. I was certain that all of my references would work out, but I didn’t want to get overly excited until the offer was final.

I’ll be an Account Executive for a subsidy of the E.W. Scripps Networks. This position will be challenging and require some dedication and hard work, but I’m prepared to move forward with my career. I’m super excited about the new position as well as the great benefits. I think I’ll really love the environment at my new job and hopefully will love my job as well.

It’s not far from P.Co, so my commute shouldn’t be much longer. It’s also a large, reputable company which will be beneficial for my resume and experience. There is a corporate gym and nice break rooms which I also enjoy at P.Co. I am sad to leave some of the lovely women I work with though. They are so sweet and very much fun to be around. I’ll also miss the monthly ladies luncheons that the company treats us to as well as the soda fountains and cappuccino machines available. On the bright side—perhaps I will no longer have an IV of diet coke running through my veins. It would be good for me to break the habit.

Wow! A new house, a new job, and a soon to have new husband! I feel like I’m going thru a metamorphosis and will be a new person on the other side. I

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