Thursday, March 23, 2006

It's Expensive Being a Girl

It's so not easy being a girl. The littlest things and smallest details add up to be quite costly. For example, I needed a new strapless bra. Mine wasn't doing the job for thin shirts and definitely won't do the job for my wedding dress, (which was a great excuse for me to go buy a new one!) I know I have a few friends who are in my boat and understand that we"blessed chests" out there can't pick up any cutsy-tutsy thing off the rack and be on our merry way. I've moved past even attempting to buy undergarments from anywhere but Victoria's Secret. Even upscale department stores just don't compare. So in the end I found a perfect new bra but walked out of the store spending nearly $50 dollars. And no, that's not because I have wondering eyes and felt the need for new panties and pajamas. That was just the bra, and it's just part of being a girl.

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