Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The M Wedding

Three down, two to go! LN was number three in the series of marriages on Saturday. It was such a gorgeous day to get married. I hope the weather is as pleasant for my wedding since it will be outside.

Here are highlights of the day:


I arrived in time to see LN and her girls take pictures. Mrs. S and I lovingly acted like fools behind the photographer to make them smile pretty and not look like their lips were duct taped a mile wide. LN was gorgeous. Her dress had tiny spaghetti straps and was beaded from the top all the way down to past the hips. It was very LN. The train was gorgeous as she walked down the aisle.


LN had a Catholic ceremony, but it wasn't the full ceremony with mass. It was still long with traditional readings. Well, so I'm told. I'd never been a guest in a Catholic wedding ceremony before. She and her now hubby memorized their vows and exchange of rings instead of repeating after the officiant. I thought that was really beautiful, but know I could never do it myself.


Yum, there was delicious food! The twice stuffed potatoes were my favorite. The cake was also delicious. Very creamy and very tasty. I loved the single bud pink roses in the center of the table. It was so elegant! The whole thing just seemed very "LN". There was also square dancing! It was fabulous. Her uncle taught us the Grand March and the Virginia Reel, and something else I can't remember but reminds me of the country line dance called "the barn dance" where you switch partners repetitively. I think the dancing was very fun and very unique.


I caught the bouquet! At first LN geared up to toss the bouquet, it hit the ceiling and fell apart. She turned around wide eyed and excited to see who caught it, looked at the ground, and then her bottom lip popped out. She was so disappointed. But fear not--she had a plan. She ran to a nearby table, grabbed a handful of flowers out of the vase and tried again. This time--it fell right in my hands. This is the third bouquet I've caught--it's about time it works. The daffodils are so pretty and smell so good. They're still in a vase in my living room. B asked if next month I'd just turn around and hand my bouquet to her.


LN and her husband had a fabulous T-model as the getaway car. They were so cute driving away in wedding attire. But I bet it was cold! Brrr...


In the hustle and bustle of the day, we didn't get our traditional wedding picture together. We have a picture of all of us girls together with the bride that we are doing a matted frame for. I suppose I'll have to break out photoshop so we can fix that!

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